Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clutch clutter

I used to be the kind of girl who bought every purse I loved. I had many many purses. Then I got married. This was no longer an option for my husband could not understand the need for more than one purse. His understanding grew to two purses when we had our first child (diaper bag) So I had to stop buying purses. Then we moved across the oceans to Guam. I got rid of all but three purses! I was a little sad but not really. Then when we moved back to the main land I only had TWO! I knew I could never justify building up my giant collection so I turned to an alternative. Clutches. Thats right now I buy any clutch I love. The problem with clutches is that they can usually only sit. With a handbag you can hang it on a bunch of hooks. So I found a solution. I am reorganizing my closet and i have been making and hanging curtains. We you do those two things at the same time this idea is born:

(excuse the photos, there is no natural light in my closet :( )

My wooden pole things can come out pretty easily so I just slide a bunch of these curtain hanging things on and there you go! I also did my belts. Now I love it and the clutches have a home. Problem is now I have an excuse to find more. My excuse is that I figured out how to keep them off the shelf so I can have more!


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  1. wow..great mom loves clutches and she has quite a collection.We are having a hard time keeping them organized.But now i am going to try your method.First i will sort them by size then by color.thanks a lot for this effective as well as easy tip.