Origins of PrudentProjects

I started this blog because I like blogging and I love projects. I figured I would start one sooner or later apparently I chose later. I have always done projects to make my surroundings comfortable, but after having my third child I found no motivation to work on my garage full of "I loved that piece as soon as I saw the price and it just needs to be painted/stripped/stapled/glued/ripped to shreds items. I am very excited for this learning opportunity and I feel the blog will keep me accountable to myself for all the things I want to accomplish in my home during this stage of life.

So here I am. I have been anxiously making this house our home. We became first time home owners in 2010 and we were thrilled. As Homeowners we have learned that a certain amount of elbow grease, GOOGLE and a prudent budget can transform the ugliest cast off into the object of your desire. Decorating on a strict and small budget makes me happy. I thrive on garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, hand me downs, auctions, storage unit auctions, craigslist and pretty much any place that will help me accomplish the ideas projecting out of my head for as little as possible.

So there you have it. I enjoy making cast offs into something you can use in your home. Almost anything can be stripped, sanded, painted and re-purposed just to suite your style needs. So I say Paint EVERYTHING...well not everything just the really ugly things that you have to live with anyway.