Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ottoman recovery

I FINALLY recovered my ottoman. This is the ottoman I bought for $15 at a garage sale. My
kids ripped the fabric off (it was leather)

and I let it sit in the garage for a year!!!

The other day we cleaned out the garage and I saw how many unfinished projects I had and made the goal to finish them all. I went and chose an outdoor fabric my husband liked. Then I took the old fabric and used it as a pattern.

I cut up the fabric sewed it and then tried and tried to squeeze it onto the wood. I should have ironed on some reinforcing fabric under the stitches but I didn't. I wanted it super tight but I just made it too small.

This is what it looked like after 5 fifth time squeezing and squeezing.
I ripped the seams that many times and just went and resewed it adjusting it to be a little bigger each time. It only took about 3 hours but I could have done many things better and differently. I also could have chosen a more feminine fabric. The great thing is that the project is done and the husband loves it. The TV Family room is his room for design so I guess we are good. My kids also love it:
I plan to recover it again but only when my kids destroy this one and I find the perfect outdoor fabric for it. It has to be outdoor. My little boy seen in the picture loves strawberry's so he snuck some onto the ottoman and all the mess came out with one wet rag and a couple of minutes.
Here it is in its glory. Now I just need two captains chairs in this room and a new rug and we are good!

Yay for finishing some projects


P.S My sewing skills are very minimal. I got a b- in home ec in 8th grade and that is all I have learned so far :) Just saying this is a way easier projet than I thought

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