Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Painting my trunk tutorial

 I started with this. It had a few scratched on it my not many.

So I got out my Zinsser primer and a foam brush and painted the whole thing.

I propped a piece of wood inside so I could 
get the whole thing painted without painting it shut

The next part is vital. I let it sit for five days without touching. 
You really have to let the paint cure on the metal or it will easily scratch off.
Then I started taping it off where I wanted the blue spray paint.

I used painters tape that had some kind of special edge seal or something

I just used newspaper in between all the tape

On the thin edges I just needed tape 

Then I propped a piece of wood between the top 
and the bottom so that the spray paint wouldn't get in the trunk when I sprayed it.

I used a dark blue green in the Rustoluem brand,
 its the best brand of spray paint in my opinion with good coverage. 
It also adheres very well to metal.

Here is what the back looked like.
 I let it dry for about a half hour and then peeled off the tape and newspaper. 
I was afraid the tape would peel up the paint but it didn't!

Then it looked like this. You can't really tell but this is just primer. So I choose a high gloss white latex paint and a foam roller and taped off some of the edges and carefully painted it. I had to use my little paint brush of the smaller details but it didn't take too long.

Then I waited a day for it to dry and placed it in my house where I wanted it. 
Its finished and just as I envisioned it!

 It hasn't even scratched yet. I am pretty sure this is because of the Zinnser paint adhering so well to the metal. I had no idea it would work so well but I am very pleased it did. Now when I see these trunks at the thrift store I will know what can be done with them!