Saturday, December 20, 2014

WOW its been awhile, I am going to start redoing furniture and my house again! 2015 baby! I just had my 4th baby. A girl (well September 29th 2014) and I am ready to redo my home to feel like me and us again. So stayed tuned for some crazy stuff and normal stuff. :) Oh and I discovered I love makeup now. I turned 30 this year and yeah I need to take care of my health and my skin and all that :) See you soon!


P.S I discovered a new product! 3D fiber lashes (in a MASCARA) crazy! check out my lashes!

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  1. You are blessed to be a mother fourth time and I wish you health and a healthy baby. Its good that you are going to have all new things for your house which will freshen up the look. Your lashes really look wonderful.