Monday, March 14, 2011

And so it begins

I'm here! I have been making lists of all the things I need to get done in my house and its a big one. Daniel and I also started the yard plans(he drew lots of things and showed me pictures and explained and I loved it and nodded) It is going to be a terrific summer! So my first project I completed for the blog is very prudent. Its very easy and anyone can do it!

Are you ready?

Ok Its a LAMP. Well its a lamp shade redo. I know they are very easy but I just love them!
Its an easy way to get the EXACT lamp shade you want for your lamp.

I found this lamp at Savers (a chain thrift store) I loved it! It was $2.99 and I wanted it because it was a fun shape and ceramic and blue.

It had been shadeless for 6 months! Turns out strange shaped lamps are hard to match up with a shade. I bought 4 different shades trying to get the right one. Too big, wrong shape too small. I FINALLY found the right shade. It was at Savers again for .99cents (5 months later). But it needed work here is what it looked like:

Then after some work and procrastination I had this:

I love it now. It took so long to find that right shade I was ready to toss it out. Now the only problem is that I like lamps in pairs. So maybe it will only take me a few years to find the other one :)


  1. This is really darling -- I love the proportions!

  2. Very Cute and Chic! I love it!!!

  3. Love the material you used on the shade! Where's it from?