Friday, March 18, 2011

Nice Legs

I finished one of my Craigslist tables the one with the nice legs.

You can see the details here.

I cleaned it. I didn't sand it at all. I primed it with Zinsser Oil Based Primer. Sometimes I use kilz oil based primer on these projects and so far the difference is that Kilz is thicker and takes a little longer to dry so you can get a smoother thin coat with Zinsser.

Here it is freshly primed

I used this to put it on.

Lowes sells 2 inch foam rollers so I used this to get all the hard to reach areas. (beware that walmart and Lowes sell different brands of these rollers they don't fit with each other so stick to one or the other) If you are going to use a brush get natural bristles for oil based because it helps keeps the appearance of brush strokes to a minimum.

I put two coats on the top of the table and on the outside of the legs because the kids will probably be terrorizing this little table in the future. I let it sit in the garage for a day and then I applied two coats of this:

I am a major rustoleum fan. I have tried many spray paints and for a little table Rustoleum has the best coverage and in my opinion the hardest finish. I let it dry for 4 hours and then I brought it inside and here it is!!

We are still figuring out the middle table with the tv :(

I love these tables now. I am definitely drawn to cabriole legs. This was a quick and easy project (after I found the table)

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  1. I love the red...such a happens to be my favorite color!

  2. LOVE the red!!
    Great job!!!
    Don't cha just love Craig's List!!

  3. Love the red color~ wow-they are so bold and beautiful now!! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  4. Love the glossy red!

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  5. Hi again...thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments about my "vintage Easter eggs".

  6. very pretty. I adore red. it is my favorite color!


  7. i love the pop of color the red provides. Great job!

  8. These are FABULOUS!! Thanks for the step by step detail and the tip on the rollers -- I have a project with LOTS of curves to it and I think your hints are going to see some use!

  9. Ah the pop of red is AMAZING!! We're in the the middile of "figuring out" our little TV area too. Only reverse of you....we've got the middle all set but the sides are driving us a bit batty. Im your newest follower btw, excited to be here!

  10. wow! I love that pop of color! I love how you transformed the tables. I like the foam rollers too.
    featuring this project @ ccc tonight.