Monday, April 25, 2011

Craigslist transformation

One night my husband and I decided to try out this fantastic Asian restaurant called banana leaf. We even decided to take all the kids with us. Luckily that day I had been looking at craigslist and found this behind the sofa table for $20. We decided we would pick it up and we DID! I knew I needed to paint it but here it was for a few weeks sitting around deciding where it wanted to end up.

I loved the food and especially the table! After a few weeks of scatterbrainedness I decided to sand it down and see the condition of the wood

It looked good! Oh and a great trick is to sand it then wet it down evenly because it shows you how it will look with stain. Then I sanded it with fine sandpaper and wiped it down and pulled out the stain and freshly laundered rags. I bought dark walnut. This stain is VERY forgiving. I bet it even looks great to not perfect wood. I bought the tiny little can that costs around $4.50. I used it for two small table stains and I still have half a can left. I only did two coats of stain on this table. Then I had this:

I have three children so I knew polyurethane was inevitable. I waited 2 days and applied a coat of the stuff. Maybe I should have done 2 coats but I was impatient. I wanted this table to match my stairs so I decided to paint the legs a crisp white (I just used a gloss white left over from painting all the floor boards in the house) It is surprisingly sturdy.

I did two coats and used a mini roller because I didn't want strokes but I should have just used a nice brush. I waited a day for the legs to dry and then put it in my house

Its a very simple piece but I absolutely love it! So does my husband. This one is definitely a keeper for more than one house!
I love craigslist!!

Project cost:
$20 table
$4.50 stain
white paint on hand
sand paper 1 pack ($5.50)
total: $30

Not bad for a fantastic table. My son has already decided this is his new homework area. He loves the little red ottoman turned chair.

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  1. gorgeous! I love what you did :)
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  2. great job! I LOVE craiglist...we just got a sectional sofa for a great price of there!

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  5. It turned out so pretty! Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  6. That looks brilliant, love the walnut and white! A really great makeover.