Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dresser Mirrors turned wall mirrors

Thats right I have put two of those HUGE and HEAVY mirrors on the wall. Lets just hope they stay there. These mirrors came from my husband at the beginning of the year. I had been envisioning two mirrors in the master bedroom but hadn't even told my husband. Then one day he just came home from work and said "Oh hey I found these curbside mirrors" I was sooo happy. Then I realized they were super heavy and got worried. But never fear the Lowe's guy helped. I asked him what he would hang them with and he led me to these:

mine only have two places for screws so a little less heavy duty than these
He said they should be fine and I am crossing my fingers that they will be. The only problem is you have to be very exact on the hanging things or you are stuck with lopsided mirrors. Then he showed me some drywall screws with hooks specifically made for shelves to hang that could hold up to 100 lbs. So I bought them and forgot to take a picture Lets hope he is right about their weight holding abilities. Here is what it looks like from the side hanging

After I found out I could actually hang these on the wall I wiped them down prepped them and primed them with Zinsser oil based primer with a small foam roller.

Then I spray painted them white! Just Semi gloss because I am hoping my kids won't touch them and dirty them (I generally go with high gloss in this house of dirty fingers)

Then I couldn't figure out which way was up.

Now that I think about it that is hilarious. When they were faux wood I thought they were a certain way and then painted they seemed to look better the other way. Then I felt they needed a little more depth so I went to Michaels and stared at a wall of paper for a very long time I chose 15 different kinds of paper (talk about indecisive) then i headed over to Joannes to stare at a few walls of material making sure I chose the right option (I am not a big fan of Joannes with my kids in tow because it takes SOOO long to chose) Here are the final choices

Love this one but it doesn't go with the room

If these flowers were blue instead of pink I would have gone with this

Very dramatic but doesn't go with the easy flow of the room

Looks good with the mirror but not with the room

I let my husband decide which paper he liked best because he does share the room with me. Then I just shoved the paper in there and creased it. I cut on the crease and taped it in. I chose a pattern that needs lining up (I had to do this twice because it was wonky) So I lined it up cut again and then glued the edges down (just paper glue stick) Now I like it. Although I still do not know if I love the paper I chose (see what I mean about indecisive) But I do love the mirrors.
we went with small brown and white hounds tooth, the most conservative of them all.

I love the way they make the room feel. Much more light bouncing around. (the mirrors have now been up for a week and I think I don't like the paper, luckily its a quick fix, I just need to find the right paper.

Cost breakdown:

Mirrors Free (these are popping up in thrift stores for cheap because what are you supposed to do with such a heavy mirror?)
Zinsser primer $8.xx
Roller $3.94 for a little kit
Rustoleum 3x cover white Spray paint $3.54 per can (I used 2 cans)
Hanging kit $2.50
drywall screws and hooks $3.xx
Paper .13cents (I used 1 sheet per mirror)

so total around $25 for two large wall mirrors. YAY! Although it cost me less because I had the roller kit and the primer already.

If you have these mirrors hiding in your garage you can make them a great accessory in your home.

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  1. What a smart daughter you are. Lovely, lovely.

  2. I love them. A soft blue paper wouldbe lovely.


  3. Very well done and it is terribly cool that he found a pair!

  4. Wow thank you for info on supplies too!

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