Sunday, September 18, 2011

The big Reveal!

I finally finished the chest! My children call it the treasure chest. That makes me happy because its for toy storage and they love putting treasure in the chest now(which means picking up their toys) Wohoo! It only took me most of the year. The sad thing is that I took pictures of it each day that I worked on it and there are only 6 different picture dates. Which means it only took me 6 days to finish (and I only worked on it for about 2 hours if that on those days) so 6 days of work and 7 months of procrastination! wow! However I LOVE IT! And now I have to keep it forever because it took me so long to complete. Here she is when I bought her for $10 early one morning at a yard sale:

And here she is today:

I will post the process here concisely so that I will be ALL DONE with this project.



The DIY Show Off

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