Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Shelf Fix

I have been dreaming of painting these bookshelves
white since the day I brought them into my house. I finally did it! Although I made a mistake and will have to repaint some of the fronts white (as you can see. I mixed a grey blue to line the insides and I think I love them. We will see though. Anyway it should have been a quick 2 day fix but it turned
into a week because I needed to make the one on the right more stable so I bought a piece of wood and painted it and stuck it on the back. The different is AMAZING! It is so sturdy now. These are both particle board so they needed some zinnser oil based with a roller.

Then they needed some semigloss white and my special mixed color for the insides. I love them but I think they look funny with the wall color. They are staying though!

I really need to fix those shelf fronts that are blue! The shelf on the left holds the printer and tower too. I reorganized it and now I feel much more organized when it comes to the office area. So glad its done!


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