Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Damask Picnic Bench

This was a really easy project! I picked this up for $5 while shopping DI with my sister in Utah. I am sure she wondered what the heck I was doing.

I know my husband wondered what the heck I was doing because he asked me "What the heck is this" while loading it up.

I started by ripping off the drawer liner stick stuff. Then washed it all off. Then I primed the legs with Zinser oil based primer while priming a few other things. I just used a cheap paint brush for this because I didn't mind the strokes showing on the legs, it was a picnic bench after all.

Then I mixed a grey paint that I liked and painted it again with just one coat.

Then I got some 3 inch foam from Joannes and cut it to size Then I took some thinner foam (I actually used a twin foam padding from walmart, it was cheaper and bigger) to round off the edges and got out the staple gun and stabled it all underneath. As you can see here.

This was a difficult part in the project because my husband has a foam phobia! But then I moved on and looked for fabric to cover it with. This is my least favorite part about projects because I am so indecisive. So I bought two different fabrics from Hancock that were in the designer cut area both for $3.oo a yard. A yard was plenty. I probably could have used 3/4ths then I stapled it all underneath the bench like I would with a dinning room chair. This was a little time consuming because of the curve in the bench (you don't want any loose bits or ruffles). But it only took me one episode of Castle to finish it.

And its done!

I wanted this for the really tiny mudroom area that comes in from the garage and is right outside of the laundry room. I tried many things and they were too bulky so this is PERFECT! Now I want to get some stencil up on the walls and put some hooks up so it actually looks like a miniature mudroom. One step at a time though. I love it!


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  1. Miriam, this turned out so good!! Awesome. I can't even believe it's the same little bench. :O